The ENTIRE Presentation...

So you are all signed up to go to a Competition, now what? Well, first things first- CONGRATS!!! What an exciting and wonderful step! Get ready to have SO. MUCH. FUN.!

Did you know... your scores when competing are NOT just based on your footwork, leading/following, overall dancing? That's right! Your final score can be comprised of UP TO 50% from your overall LOOK/PRESENTATION.

So what does that mean? Simply put, it means that in addition to the hours of practice and dance time you will be putting in with your Instructor, you will also need to be planning your ENTIRE "non-dance" presentation for the judges while on the dance floor as well.

This begins UNDER the costume, then the costume itself, and then comes the accessories! So let's break it down-

Under... Both Men and Women can benefit from a good undergarment to smooth and tighten so you look your very best in your dance costume. Vain? Not so much, but yes, a little. We are dancers of course (-wink-). Dance costumes are not supposed to be loose and baggy or "rumply", not only does it look "less than", it can be a hazard! Wearing a good undergarment simply "polishes" the overall look and allows the proper drape and fit of your costume. No shame! Realize right now that MANY MANY MANY guys and gals on that dance floor are also wearing a good undergarment- even the pros. 

And for goodness sakes- ALWAYS wear underwear!!! That should go without saying to BOTH men and women, but you'd be surprised...

Next, your costume. We've got you "covered" literally with many styles and options to choose from on our website. If you are able- opt for a custom made costume, to your exact measurements. It might be a little more than buying off the rack, or a pre-made standard size of something, however, you will be glad you did because of the fit-to-you finished product. If you choose not to go with a custom made costume, plan to have a tailor/seamstress available to do any last-minute alterations or nips and tucks prior to competition. Remember the mention about not wanting loose, baggy or "rumply".

And now onto accessories, here's a checklist to be aware of and use as a guide. Note that you may or may not need everything, and you might need something not mentioned. Always, Always check with your Instructor, and go with what He/She says to do- they are the absolute final word and the ones who know what's best for YOU- their Student!


Jewelry (bracelet, earrings, necklace, hair decor- no loose hanging bits that your Instructor can get stuck in though or that can be ripped from your body by accident- complement or match your costume colors of course) The sparklier the better!! Remember that "we're dancers" thing? Go to town- bling it up but avoid garishly so.

Makeup (you will almost always have the opportunity to have your make up professionally done at any competition you attend, however, BRING YOUR OWN quality makeup in complementing colors as a backup- just in case. Always be prepared! Eyelashes & Glue are also a good idea to have your own, just in case.

Hose: Fishnets (nude) are great, control top or regular hosiery is great. None of it is required, but it does provide an air of sophistication and very much completes the look. Plus, it helps "hold everything in place".

Dance Shoes: Pretty much goes without saying here. Although, just a reminder- no brand new shoes just before a competition- even if its the style you wear all the time. Just no. Be sure to have worn them at least a couple times prior. And be sure to have a shoe brush!


Jewelry Guys, you get off pretty easy here. No need to plan to add jewelry to your costume. If you always wear a watch or a ring (wedding band is a given to keep wearing) and it doesn't interfere in any way for your Instructor, go ahead and wear it. For smooth/standard, however, should your costume warrant it, a beautiful set of cuff links and/or stud set is always an excellent idea.

Makeup You will also have an opportunity to get makeup done professionally at a Competition. It is not necessary, however, it is also not weird or unheard of. If you have an uneven complexion or tend to "redden" when nervous, you might consider a light foundation/matte finishing powder that could help even out your overall coloring. This is not the time to look like an orange or wax figurine. 

Dance Shoes: Pretty much goes without saying here. Although, just a reminder- no brand new shoes just before a competition- even if its the style you wear all the time. Just no. Be sure to have worn them at least a couple times prior. And be sure to have a shoe brush! For patent shoes- be sure to take along a small jar of vaseline- it helps with the inner outside of your "sticky patent" shoes when brushing!

And finally-

Plan to go to a lesson in full Competition attire at least once prior to your Competition. Your Instructor needs to make sure you are good to go, and you need time to get used to the "look". 

Most of all- remember to SMILE, that will always be your very best accessory!

Lastly, you can find MANY of the items needed to complete your overall "presentation" here on EDBS. If we don't have something you want or need, don't hesitate to reach out, we're probably able to get it! 





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