• The ENTIRE Presentation...

    The ENTIRE Presentation...
    So you are all signed up to go to a Competition, now what? Well, first things first- CONGRATS!!! What an exciting and wonderful step! Get ready to have SO. MUCH. FUN.! Did you know... your scores when competing are NOT just based on your footwork, leading/following, overall dancing? That's right! Your final score can be comprised of UP TO 50% from your overall LOOK/PRESENTATION....
  • Caring for your Dance Costume

    Caring for your Dance Costume
    How to Care for Your Ballroom Dresses All Competition Ballroom Gowns and Rhythm/Latin dresses are fully decorated and proper maintenance is crucial for your dress’s life and looks. Most commonly the decorations used are crystals, beads, sequins, fringe and/or colored feathers which are glued on or threaded to the dress. Some of the fabrics are really gentle and transparent, which makes machine washing and dry cleaning highly...
  • About Ballroom Dance Shoes

    About Ballroom Dance Shoes
    One of the biggest differences between “regular” shoes (street shoes) and ballroom shoes are the soles. Ballroom Dance Shoes are lightweight shoes with thin suede (chrome leather) or smooth leather soles. The most common being the chrome leather (suede). Ballroom shoes are made for both men and women, with heel heights for men ranging between 1″ (smooth/standard) and 1.5″ (latin/rhythm) and 1″-3″ (typically not higher) for women. The soles of a ballroom shoe allow the shoes to...
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